Our assistance system is throughout the national territory, without the need for your fleet to come to our premises. Our real working mode is 24x7x365 attending to your needs, even when it is an emergency.

1.- Tachographs

The new tachographs have an 18 year life span and a 2 year guarantee with our company counting the date of installation, with no mileage limit. In case of electronic failure or component failure the device is exchanged for a new one free of charge, in case of intervention in the tachograph an evaluation is offered free of charge and a service quote is provided.

Tachograph Service (VDO / Stoneridge)

1.- The guarantee is valid for a period of 3 months from the date of delivery and only in respect of the services provided as a result of the technical service requested and in accordance with the conditions of repair carried out only together with the respective invoice.

2.- The customer accepts that we have instructed him that the intervention of the motherboard of the equipment implies a risk of partial or total loss.

3.- The customer is responsible for checking and checking his tachograph at the time of the reinstallation of the equipment, once it has been removed accordingly, no further claims will be accepted.

4.- According to article 42 of Law 19.496, if the client gives us a device and then does not withdraw it within one year from the date of subscription of this document, the equipment will be considered abandoned in favour of the technical service.

5.- The guarantee is not valid in the following cases: Misuse, improper handling by unauthorized persons, deterioration of the product due to external agents, improper maintenance, lack of cleaning. Also not covered by this warranty are failures or malfunctions caused by incorrect voltages and electrical installations, updates or manipulation of software or hardware.

3.- Satellite tracking and fleet control

We have an advanced and stable system and our platform is hosted on redundant servers with an incredible response time. The installation of the GPS devices must be done in the field or in our premises by authorized personnel, any undue intervention will automatically void the warranty.